Barring a setback, Wainwright 2 year option to be exercised by Cardinals

By Curtis Stelzer

St. Louis Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak said on Thursday night, “There is no reason for us not to assume it.”  Mozeliak was talking about the 2 year $21 Million option that the Cardinals organization has to make a decision on almost immediately following the 2011 season on ace Adam Wainwright.

Obviously that is an “unofficial” decision…and as long as Adam’s recovery stay the course – that option will be exercised.  I said the day the news broke in February that Wainwright was going to need Tommy John surgery that he was the Most Valuable player to any team in Major League Baseball.  Think about it – he was the only ace on the Cardinals staff in a very weak NL Central.  How much better would the Redbirds been in 2011 if they didn’t have to run Jake Westbrook and/or Kyle Lohse and now Edwin Jackson every 5th day???  I can guarantee they would be closer than 9.5 games back of the division leading Milwaukee Brewers.

Are you still thinking I am crazy about the Most Valuable player comment??  Deal with it – it’s the truth.  Don’t forget Wainwright was the runner-up in the 2010 Cy Young voting and 3rd in the 2009 Cy Young vote.  The guy was as good as they get before he had to go under the knife.  And the guy is still only 29 years old (he turns 30 in the next few days).

And for some of the fans I am hearing that the Cardinals should try to negotiate a new deal with Wainwright because of the injury…all I have to say is…ARE YOU CRAZY??  The Redbirds should not take any chances…let me put it to you like this…$21 Million over 2 years is a steal for this guy – and if you don’t think so – let me put it to you like this.  Kyle Lohse will steal ANOTHER $12.1 Million from the Cardinals in 2012 & Jake Westbrook will continue to pitch like a #8 starter (yeah, that’s right – a #8) in 2012 for $8 Million.  Now what do you think of the Cards paying Waino $10.5 Million? Exactly – it’s a steal!

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