Is Houston Playing Spoiler Or Are The Giants Spoiling It For Themselves?

By Connor Nielen

Making his third big-league start, Astros pitcher Henry Sosa held San Francisco’s line-up in check Thursday night in the team’s 3-1 victory at AT&T Park, recording his first career win in the process.

Matched up against one another for back-to-back weekends, the game ended with Houston coming out on top for the third time in four chances, leaving the Giants trailing a full 3 games behind division-leading Arizona.

Has Houston really been that significant of a thorn in the side of the reigning World Champions, or are they merely leaving wins on the table as a result of their own offensive ineptitude?

Consider this: the San Francisco Giants have lost 11 consecutive series-opening games.


In a row.

Combined offensive production in those games? 15 runs (look it up!).

An average of barely over 1 run per game – that is incomprehensible!

I can’t think of a single reason to explain this statistical phenomenon. But I do know that if it fails to soon come to a halt, there will be no baseball in the Bay Area when October rolls around.

What is my point?

Simply that while I do like seeing the Astros succeed and am glad that they are performing strongly in these Giants’ games, fans should refrain from making any hype-driven conclusions toward the team and its players based solely on the account that it is taking place against “mighty San Francisco”. This is quite clearly an opponent mired in a treacherous funk right now.

At the same time, there are still 3 more games this weekend in which to play spoiler. Do enjoy them if you can!

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