Matt Kemp Deserves the MVP

By Tim Morris

I don’t care about the Dodgers record, the business with McCourt or anything else off the field, my man Matt Kemp is tearing up baseball and is the only thing other than Clayton Kershaw that keeps the Dodgers in the headlines.

Matt Kemp just won a game for the Dodgers again, yeah the Dodgers are only 62-69 but they’d easily be in last place if we had the old Matt Kemp and not this new “I’m going to make sure it’s me who beats you” Matt Kemp.

Matt Kemp just drove in his 100th RBI tonight beating the Colorado Rockies in the 11th inning. He also hit his 30th home-run yesterday against Colorado getting him to the 30-30 club with 30 games left to go. With 31 home-runs now and and ridiculous 33 steals in 40 attempts, he could be the first Dodgers enshrined into the 40-40 club.

Does anyone remember this tweet? This was way back on September 29th, 2010! There was also a story in the LA Times when he was asked in 2009 if he could do it and he said yeah. I remember the media firestorm and fans laughing at him, especially since he hadn’t even reached 30 home-runs yet.

Well, who’s laughing now!

Even though the Dodgers don’t seem to be contenders, they’re not mathmatically eliminated yet and when you look at the standing and how well they’ve played lately you get a sense of hope and feel as though the Dodgers could just make a run at it if the Diamondbacks and Giants somehow falter.

More than any other player right now in the National League, Matt Kemp constantly proves his value to his team. Milwaukee could get on without Ryan Braun, without Prince Fielder, the Cardinals without Pujoles (they did), without Holliday, or Berkman but the Dodgers without Matt Kemp are pedestrian and without hope.

That’s what it really comes down to, Matt Kemp provides hope, and that’s why he should be the the National League Most Valuable Player, because he has the MOST VALUE to his team of any player in the National League.

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