Should the A's Resign Josh Willingham

By danielburt

This is an issue that has me torn. While Willingham has been a god send in the power department he has been less than stellar with the bat. Even with his 23 home runs and 79 rbis, which are looking to be some of the best power numbers Oakland has seen in a few years, his .249 batting average just isn’t cutting it.

As much as I would like to assume, Willingham much like the other hitters is just having a career worst in that department, I don’t know that I want to trust that.

If Josh Willingham was willing to take a one year contract laced with incentives I would love to see the A’s ink him to a deal. However I assume Willingham will want a long term contract and I don’t know how smart that is. The A’s have had success with outfielders in the minors this year. There are at least four young players that are going to be battling for three starting spots next year. The A’s don’t need to and shouldn’t take a chance on Willingham. As grateful as I am that Willingham has helped the A’s in a much needed to department the last thing they need to do is commit time and money to another question mark.

So in my opinion I really hope the A’s give the youngsters the outfield next year.

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