A's Season is Officially a Bust

By danielburt

I have no problem eating a crow sandwich when I am wrong and when it comes to the A’s I could not have been more wrong. What a terrible season. Almost everything I thought would go great for the A’s has been a huge failure, (cough) Suzuki stinks (cough).

I know many out there said they saw this coming and I applaud them. It’s amazing they knew almost every A’s player would have just about the worst season of their career offensively. That is still boggling my mind.

I know they pitching has been less than stellar but that is mostly of late and who can blame them. The A’s pitchers at this point have to be ready for the season to be over. No run support for almost an entire season will do that to you. Every pitcher started the season so strong but they seem to just be worn down physically and mentally. Almost every start these poor guys are pitching knowing they can’t give up more than a run or two or the game is over. That is a lot of pressure to deal with all season. I can’t imagine the relationship between the pitchers and the hitters is very good.

I still think the A’s have a solid base going into next season. I can only hope that the A’s go out of their way to fix these issues going into next season. The problem is I thought they fixed them this year and it blew up in their faces and the season has been a bust. So next year’s theme for me is seeing is believing.

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