A's Trade Conor Jackson - My Heart Weeps... Wait, Who's Conor Jackson?

By joshuarussell

When I heard the news that the Oakland Athletics traded outfielder Conor Jackson to the Boston Redsox for minor league reliever, Jason Rice, I almost cared. But in the end, the news was almost as irrelevant as when the A’s acquired Jackson in the first place from Arizona for Sam Demel.

When he wasn’t injured, he was anything but an impact bat. He was barely a stopgap and given how the A’s season has gone, I think it was a good move to trade away Jackson and free up roster space for some of the younger guys to get more at-bats.

A career .275 hitter, Jackson hit .245 during his stint with the A’s with a grand total of 6 home runs, but surprisingly I cannot remember any of them.

So, like many other short-timers, Conor Jackson leaves the A’s with the legacy of having no legacy. Adios Conor. Good luck with the Red Sox. Say hi to Marco Scutaro for us!

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