Chris Carter Showing up Billy Beane

By danielburt

I think most of us A’s fans were a little surprised when Billy Beane didn’t use one of his call ups for Chris Carter. Carter hasn’t had the best season in the minors and the A’s are full of DH type players but Carter is probably the type of guy the A’s need the most. A young bat with a good amount of pop. I don’t understand why he was left in the minors although I do have a theory.

Maybe Beane realizes that Carter is very important to the A’s future . Knowing that DeJesus, Crisp, Matsui and Willingham were still going to be playing everyday and Carter would not be getting the amount of bats he needs to continue to improve Beane decided to leave him in triple A. I could understand that and don’t hate the thought. I also think it could be Beane’s way of telling Carter he didn’t do well enough in his last call up to get another chance. I think that would be a bit of harsh statement considering I don’t think he really got a fair shake in the bigs this season.

Chris Carter put his two cents on the move since not getting called up. Over the last three days Carter is 10 for 16 with 4 doubles, a home run and 8 rbis. Needless to say he has been killing it. Even though he did not get his call up this year I can only hope to see him everyday in the A’s line up next year. He deserves it.

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