New York Yankees May Decide to Promote Dellin Betances

By Craig Williams

According to Jack Curry, the New York Yankees may change their minds regarding Dellin Betances and promote the right-hander.  Last week, we heard that the New York Yankees were not going to promote either Dellin Betances or fellow prospect Manny Banuelos.  If we’ve learned one thing from tracking the New York Yankees and baseball teams in general, it is that you can’t set what they say in stone because they change their minds often.  I was in agreement with the New York Yankees initial decision not to call Dellin Betances up.  He achieved the goals set out for him before the season and he still needs to work on his command.  At the same time, I do not see much wrong with promoting him either.  It’s not like the New York Yankees are going to ask him to make key starts down the stretch.  He may get a few relief innings (if he’s lucky) to build up his innings a little bit more, but nothing too serious.  We will have to wait and see what the New York Yankees’ final decision is on Mr. Dellin Betances, but apparently the case isn’t as closed as it seemed last week.

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