The Oakland A's can Still Spoil it for Everyone

By danielburt

Clearly the A’s have had a disappointing season. Their season is all but over at this point. So what can the A’s look forward to? Ruing the season for someone else in the West. Right now the Rangers and Angles are battling it out to see who will make the playoffs and with less than a month left the A’s have 8 games left against the two ball clubs. The Rangers and Angles have only 2 games separating the two at them moment. So the 8 games left with the A’s will play a big part in who wins the west.

It will be interesting to see what happens in those series. If things continue the way they are going the Rangers definitely have the upper hand going into the last month of the season. They have given the A’s fits this year. On the other hand the A’s have been a thorn in the Angles side all season. If the season continues to go in the same direction the A’s could be the deciding factor in the Angles not going to the post season. Then again maybe the tables will turn and the A’s will have the Rangers number. That’s why they play the games. I can only hope to see the A’s play good baseball and ruin another team’s season.

Sour grapes? You bet they are.

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