A's Roster: Out With the Old...

By joshuarussell

Does anyone care that the A’s won tonight against the Angels? I kind of do too but it’s not like it means anything. The A’s are mathematically eliminated and the whole idea of a team being a “spoiler” is just the PR team’s way of convincing people to come to games and to care.

Wanna know what I care about? Getting excited about the future of Oakland Athletics. I’m going out on a limb to say that Hideki Matsui is NOT the future. If he is, then I’m NOT a future fan. And David DeJesus? Come on, the guy is batting .229. Let’s call him a bust and get him out of the lineup. Speaking of lineup, here’s who I would like to see in the lineup everyday from now until the season is over:

Jemile Weeks (2B) – one of the most exciting position prospects we’ve had in a long time
Coco Crisp (OF) – the A’s offensive sparkplug. He might be hurt, but he’s always a threat in the lineup
Cliff Pennington (SS) – at least until they can find someone better
Josh Willingham (OF) – the only guy on the team with legit power
Jai Miller (DH) – finally gets called up. Major power… let him hit!!
Michael Taylor (OF) – among the more exciting prospects. Guy just needs AB’s
Chris Carter (1B) – come one, the guys needs a shot to determine if he’s a major league level hitter. Plus, Brandon Allen is declining… fast
Kurt Suzuki (C) – maybe I long for the glory days, but Suzuki has been coming on late and is still a solid hitter
Scott Sizemore (3B) – Grant Green may be the guy here longer term but Sizemore still seems to be the A’s best clutch hitter (for whatever that’s worth)

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