Brandon Allen Struggling Mightily

By danielburt

When Brandon Allen came to the A’s last month he stepped in and crushed everything in his path. Unfortunately Allen has been almost invisible over the last few weeks or at least his bat has been. He hasn’t been able to do anything with the bat at all. Some might be worried that he is turning into the disappointment that he was in Arizona.

When Brandon Allen was called up in Arizona I never got to see him play, so I don’t know if this is the same issue he was having there but I see a clear problem with Allen and it’s all mental. It seems to me that Brandon Allen is trying to do way too much with the bat. He is trying to crush everything and pitchers aren’t giving him good pitches to hit. Allen is trying to be aggressive, which I like, but instead of picking the good pitches to be aggressive with he is trying to hit everything. Over Allen’s last four games he has a total of 10 strike outs and 1 walk.

This has actually been a problem since coming to the A’s and probably before. The difference between the slugger the A’s had a few weeks ago and the strike out machine the A’s have now is that American League pitchers have figured him out. They now know they don’t need to throw the power hitter strikes. They don’t have to worry about missing one in the zone cause they know he will swing at bad pitches out of the zone.

All Brandon Allen has to do to fix his problem is become more patient. He would first notice that he would begin to get on base at a higher rate. Then once pitchers realized they couldn’t get away with throwing him bad pitches Allen would once again get pitches he can crush. So I guess the real question is does Allen have the mental strength to become a more patient hitter. If so he could change his career for the better.

I can only hope over the last few days of the season this is something Brandon Allen will work on. On the plus side if there is one organization that can teach patients at the plate it’s Oakland.

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