Is Jemile Weeks Rookie of the Year?

By danielburt

Since being called up from the minors earlier this season Jemile Weeks has been a stud but is he good enough to be called rookie of the year? The answer is…….no. Boooooo! Right I agree but there are several super stud rookies tearing up the league even more than the fantastic Jemile Weeks. Almost any other season Weeks would be bringing home the trophy. Just bad timing for Jemile.

Even though this is not Weeks’ season to be honored, A’s fans should be super stoked. Who was the last good major league position player the A’s brought up from their minor league system? If anyone say Kurt Suzuki I will scream. Just kidding I can’t hear you. Really though it has been forever since the A’s brought anyone up who looked this good.

Since being called up Jemile leads the team in batting average (.301), second in OBP (.339), tied for 5th in doubles (23), second in steals (21), fifth in hits (107) and leads the team in triples (8). That may not be the best numbers out of all the rookies in baseball but those are great numbers for an Oakland A’s player. So while he may not be the ROY for the major leagues he just might be the MVP for the Oakland A’s.

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