Oakland A's Losing Fans

By danielburt

Yahoo Sports recently put out an article listing the 12 major league teams who are losing the most fans. The Oakland A’s were number 5. I was actually surprised to see that the Pirates, Mariners, Orioles and Indians were doing worse with their fan base this season. After sitting in a two thirds empty stadium the other night as the A’s took on their division rivals Angles I would have guessed they were the worst. Even though the A’s are 5th on the list for decline in attendance this year they are the second worst team in overall attendance this season.

According to the article the Oakland A’s have had a 33.5 percent drop in attendance since last season. That’s quite a bit when you consider the fact that the A’s had low attendance last year. This is what happens when you combine a poor quality team with a terrible stadium in a bad area. When I say bad area I don’t mean dangerous, which it is by the way. When I say bad area I am talking about the fact that there is nothing around to do, which may have a lot to do with the safety of the area.

The MLB really needs to stop dragging their feet and give the A’s a decision on San Jose. Either allow the team to move or tell them it’s not happening so the team can now move on. Until the A’s get a new stadium they probably won’t improve their attendance. Even if the on field products improves I would guess that would only mildly affect the attendance. With last years World Series champs across the bay in their pretty newish ball park the Oakland A’s just don’t stand a chance.

One can only hope the new Moneyball movie will help jump the interest in the A’s. Although I personally would have had this movie come right before the start of the season see if that would create more interest in the team but I would have to assume Hollywood doesn’t really care about that.

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