Should New York Mets Pursue Chicago White Sox' Carlos Quentin?

By Craig Williams

Over at Blogging Mets, Mark Berman suggests that the New York Mets should think about trading for Carlos Quentin.  Berman makes some good points.  Most notably that Carlos Quentin would likely only be slightly more expensive than Angel Pagan while presenting a significant upgrade.  Overall though I have to disagree with the idea that New York Mets should make a run at Carlos Quentin.  Even though he’s not a star, he plays a significant role on the Chicago White Sox and they would probably want a decent package in return.  Maybe not a Matt Harvey or a Jenrry Mejia, but certainly someone who could provide solid production at a low cost – the exact type of player that the New York Mets need to hold on to for the next several years.  Additionally, nobody knows what is going to happen with Jose Reyes and David Wright this offseason.  If Jose Reyes signs elsewhere, there really is no point in keeping David Wright around either – not in my opinion at least.  Adding Carlos Quentin to a team that loses its two best players just seems like a waste to me.  Under other circumstances, the addition of Carlos Quentin could be a great move for the New York Mets, but considering the current and potential future state of the club, management is better off not trading away prospects for a big or semi-big name.

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