Three Big Questions for the Oakland A's Owners This Coming Offseason

By danielburt

With the 2011 season just about at it’s finale the owners of the Oakland A’s are going to have some soul searching to do and have three very big questions to answer.

Number 1. Do the A’s go young or stay older? No the A’s aren’t super old right now but they could get a whole lot younger. The A’s have a lot of players whose contracts are going to be up. David Dejesus, Hideki Matsui, Coco Crisp and Josh Willingham either will be let go by the A’s or need to be resigned. These guys have been a bit of disappointment this season. Even with as hot as some of these guys are now they weren’t really there when it counted. An argument could easily be made about bringing them back. What are the chances they all have rough seasons next year too? These players also seemed to pick it up once Geren was out of the picture so maybe the issues had something to do with him. The problem is the A’s have had many successful minor league performers this year. So the ownership really has to decided whether they think they have a shot at the division again next year or whether they want to take a step back and develop the good young guys from the minors.

Number 2. Too spend or not too spend? With or without signing those players I just talked about the A’s will have lots of money to spend. Even with being a small market team they should still be able to spend quite a bit of cash on the 2012 season. Even if the A’s decide to go younger with a bunch of rookies there are still positions that don’t have a minor leaguer ready to take over and that needs be upgraded this offseason. Plus there are super talented guys out there that the A’s could build this youth around. Also if the A’s decide to bring back the veteran palyers then why not bring in more talent to really make run at this division? I think I already know the answer to this question, unfortunately. Then again you never know maybe the A’s will shock me.

Number 3. San Jose or bust? I really hope something involving the A’s moving happens this offseason. I just want to know where they will end up before the start of next season. I feel like at this point if San Jose is still not worked out in the next few months then maybe it’s time to move on and find a better location so they can at least give us A’s fans something to look forward too. I don’t think the ownership can afford another season of the new stadium being up in the air. They need to think long and hard about ending this question mark. I think they would be shocked by the response from their fan base by just letting us fans know that a new stadium is on the way. I unfortunately think Lew Wolff has all his eggs in the San Jose basket and no new news will happen unless San Jose suddenly becomes available.

Should be an interesting offseason. I know two of these questions will be answered but I really hope all three are.

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