Cleveland Indians Officially Eliminated from Playoff Race

By Lewie Pollis

We have entered a dark time in the Cleveland Indians’ 2011 season. It’s a misfortune we all knew was coming—one that the Tribe actually staved off for longer than most had expected them to.

But alas, the time is upon us: after yesterday’s 12-6 loss to the Seattle Mariners, the Indians are officially mathematically out of the playoff race.

Already out of the AL Central race after the Detroit Tigers clinched the division Friday, the Indians were—believe it or not—still in the running for the AL wild card slot. No one had seriously expected Cleveland to overtake the Blue Jays, Angels, Rays, and Red Sox, but until Monday night it was at least theoretically possible.

The annual wait ’til next year has officially begun. At least this time we put it off until late September.

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