The Oakland A's are Only two Players Away From Being a Playoff Team

By danielburt

Believe it or not I think the A’s are just that close to becoming a legit playoff contender. I know what you are thinking, “Two guys don’t make a twenty game difference”. Strangely enough I honestly think they do. Well that and getting some of our starters healthy. I do agree that their numbers won’t make up the twenty games but the winning atmosphere will. A winning atmosphere makes believers and believing you will succeed really does have a positive effect. If the Oakland A’s can bring in two legit hitters through free agency or up from the minors they could give the A’s that positive feeling that can make everything better.

The A’s have the pitching and then some for next year. Once again the A’s hitting will be the big question mark going into next season. As an A’s fan it’s always so frustrating to know that the A’s problems can be fixed so easily but so far have gone unfixed. The A’s will go into this offseason with a ton of money to spend. Even with being a small market team the A’s are losing most of their bigger salaries. Matsui, Crisp, Willingham and DeJesus were all one year contracts and will most likely not be resigned. Except for maybe Willingham who is rumor to be the guy the A’s want to resign. Even with a Willingham resign the Oakland A’s should still be financially able to bring in a couple big bats. Now it just comes down to whether the A’s want to spend the money and if those players want come to Oakland. I guess only time will tell. Until then I am going to foolishly hold out hope for Fielder and Pujols.

I really hope us A’s fans don’t have to suffer through yet another mediocre season.

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