Danny Valencia, Denard Span Held Out Of Lineup

By Joshua Casey

Like the Minnesota Twins didn’t a’ready have enough injuries they added two more to their ever growing list on Friday. Twins third baseman Danny Valencia and center fielder Denard Span were held out of the lineup Friday due to an involvement in a minor traffic accident. The injuries suffered during the crash were not too serious, soreness and headaches, but at this point in time the Twins really can’t afford for anyone else to go down for a significant amount of time.

Danny Valencia commented on the Twins season and on the mishap that happened to him Friday, “We need a rabbit’s foot, We have bad luck. It’s unfortunate. When you think it can’t get any worse, it does. “We had a great walk off win, our first in about two weeks, and the next thing you know I think I had a bomb drop on my car.” Well it’s nice to see someone can at least take a positive look on the situation.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire also commented on the strange situation here’s what he had to say, “It’s not something I expected coming into the ballpark today. I expect a lot of things, really I expect just about anything, but that kind of put me over the top on what else can happen.” At this point in the season I’m pretty sure Gardenhire isn’t losing any sleep over whether a few guys are going to miss a game, especially considering the Twins record.

I mean Denard Span couldn’t even take the matter serious, “I’m laughing, but it’s not funny,” said Span, It’s been a rough year for me. It could have been a lot worse. I’m thankful it wasn’t.” Span has only played in 66 regular season games thus far and was expected to make his return today barring any unforeseen incident. Well that unforeseen incident happened. It just really hasn’t been the Twins year this year.


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