Will Jonathan Broxton Find Himself with the New York Yankees in 2012?

By Craig Williams

There are some big fish to fry starting over the next week or so, but even the start of the postseason has never stopped me from speculating on the future of the New York Yankees.  On that note, today’s topic will be RHP Jonathan Broxton.  There hasn’t been much chatter about a potential marriage between the New York Yankees and the former All-Star closer – nothing that I have seen at least.  Jonathan Broxton, recovering from arthroscopic elbow surgery to remove a bone spur and loose bodies,  presents a great buy-low candidate though.  I know the New York Yankees are not exactly the “buy-low” type, but they have made a couple of shrewd moves in the past.  What are the chances that Jonathan Broxton finds himself in the Bronx pitching for the New York Yankees?

As appropriate as it would be for the Yankees to give Broxton the opportunity to build his stock back up after derailing his career, I just don’t see it happening.  I spoke at reasonable length about why the Yanks wouldn’t go after any bigger names in this years relief pitcher market – specifically Jonathan Papelbon.  This situation is different because Broxton won’t be expecting a multi-year deal.  Even so, the Yanks just have too many arms in the ‘pen to present Broxton with an attractive situation.  Working backwards from the ninth inning you have Mariano Rivera obviously.  Mo is preceded by David Robertson and Rafael Soriano in set-up roles.  Additionally you have to figure that Joba Chamberlain will be worked back into big league action around the All-Star break if not sooner.  There are obviously more spots in the bullpen than the four I named, but there are several guys in house that will be competing for those spots.

Even though I wouldn’t have any problem whatsoever with the New York Yankees adding Jonathan Broxton on an incentive laden deal with a low base salary, I just don’t think we’ll see the two match up this winter.  Broxton needs a chance to showcase his talent as he tries to position himself for a significant payday in 2013.  Even though there is no better place to showcase yourself than in New York, my guess is that he’s going to sign with a team that can reasonably guarantee him more “prime” innings.  I’ve been wrong before though.

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