That's Not My Name: Marlins closer Leo Nunez playing under fake name

By Ryan Gaydos

The one thing you can really say about the Florida Marlins this year that was successful was the Marlins’ able to close out games due to their closer Leo Nunez who has a career-high 36 saves this season. No one actually knew who Leo Nunez was until this year, but even after this year we may not know who Leo Nunez is.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Nunez traveled back to the Dominican Republic this week because he was found using a fake identity. Nunez was placed on the restricted list Thursday.

According to AP, the pitcher’s real name is Juan Carlos Oviedo and his 28-years of age. The Marlins have stated that they knew about this for awhile and do not know how to resolve the issue.

My question is that how could you go so long without knowing the real name of one of your ball players? Nunez has been with Florida since 2009 and before that was with Kansas City. I don’t know how you can go that long without knowing that one of your players has a fake name. It’s appalling but I am eager to see the verdict.

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