Bob Melvin's Three Year Deal

By danielburt

The decision was made and A’s manager Bob Melvin was given that extension we were all curious to see if he would get. My personal opinion is that the deal was a smart one. Melvin did a good job since the exit of Geren. The team played much better once Bob Melvin took over.

It also doesn’t hurt that he seems to get along with Billy Beane. We all know Billy has to have his hands in the cookie jar at all times and whoever is managing the A’s is going to have to accept that idea. So the fact that Melvin was able to have any kind of success and survive Beane had to be a huge plus.

I still don’t know that I am sold on Melvin as a manager for the A’s but like I said I think it was a smart choice. It will be interesting to see what Melvin does with the A’s next year. With this pitching staff the A’s are so close to being a contending team they just need someone to get that offense rolling. Let’s all hope Melvin can be that guy.

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