Is Brent Morel the Answer in 2012?

By Bryan Lutz

In case you haven’t noticed, and judging by the attendance, you haven’t, Brent Morel is having a swell September.  With three games left to the month/season, Morel has put together an OPS of 1.071 this month.  Pretty darn good for a guy who was just abysmal in the first half.   Morel had 7 walks THE WHOLE SEASON until September.  In September he has 15.  To quote the great Norm MacDonald (may the Sports Show R.I.P.), what the H?

Personally,  I am not a Morel fan at all.  But, this September has been quite impressive.  If he magically learned to walk, then he could be a starter in this league.  A cheap option to start that isn’t below replacement level does have its advantages.  I just worry we will have another Jerry Owens situation.

Jerry Owens was the speedy, old, crappy, prospect that had a good September for the White Sox in the horrible 2007 season.  Granted, Owens didn’t really get a lot of playing time in 08, but as a message board poster, I hate Jerry Owens.  Which is why I am kind of against Morel, fans think he is good when he simply isn’t.

First off, fans want to compare him to Crede, when Crede wasn’t even that good.   The mythical “Clutch Norris” (Joe Crede) was a great fielder, as is Morel, but outside of one year, Crede was a bad hitter.  That’s neither here nor there considering we are talking about Morel.  But, Morel is a 3rd baseman, who hits like a back-up shortstop.

However, the White Sox have nearly 90M committed for next year.  While I will estimate that they will spend no more than 100M on next year’s club,  guys like Morel are valuable.  He may give the Sox 2 wins next year at around 400K.  So, for that reason alone, I will pencil in Brent Morel and roll the dice on his 2nd half carrying over into 2012, because as I said earlier.  What the H.

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