A Season-Ending Silver Lining for the A's

By joshuarussell

Call me a cock-eyed optimist. Or just call me someone who is tired of getting down on my team but after a nice final game from Gio Gonzalez, I have to say, I have found the silver lining in an otherwise disappointing season. Here are my top 5 silver linings in no particular order.

1. The Giants Didn’t Make the Playoffs Either – Boo hoo Giants fans. Blame injuries, blame Barry Zito (as well you should), blame the baseball gods but at the very least, I do not have to hear every stinkin’ Giants fan talking about their team in the playoffs. Meaning, the Bay Area can now officially switch over to 49ers (and Raiders I guess), and San Jose Sharks.

2. Pitching is Deep – Despite an off year from Trevor Cahill and injuries to Dallas Braden and Brett Anderson. The A’s pitching well is deep. Brandon McCarthy is legit, Guillermo Moscoso is legit, Gio is the real deal too. Rich Harden is not but he was a band-aid anyway. The pitching future looks bright.

3. Josh Willingham is a Force in the Lineup – Billy Beane… please oh please sign this guy in the offseason so at least we can build the middle of the order around this guy. Please!

4. Jemile Weeks is ROY Material – While he may not actually win Rookie of the Year, the A’s were smart to trade away Mark Ellis to make room for Weeks in the lineup. He is already among my favorites and should be a fixture long-term in the A’s lineup.

5. A’s Are Poised to Infuse More Youth into the Lineup – Michael Carter, Michael Choice, Jai Miller, Chris Carter, Grant Green. The A’s have young guys who could be ready to step into full-time roles next year. The future is bright. The youth movement is upon us… “Release Matsui” is my new slogan.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the offseason – what Billy focuses on and how this team can become contenders once again. Again, I remain positive!

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