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Spending Big Money On A Closer Would Be Foolish for New York Mets

One of the biggest weaknesses for the New York Mets this season was the bullpen – specifically the closer’s gig.  That was an understandable effect of trading away Francisco Rodriguez.  As one would expect the bullpen has been a target for improvement among the New York Mets’ front office officials.  I’m going to drop to my knees and make this one plea to Sandy Alderson though: please, please, please do not sign a big name closer to a multi-year contract this winter.

Last week I talked about Jonathan Broxton being a good target for the Mets.  Jonathan Papelbon, Heath Bell and Brad Lidge?  Poor targets.  The Mets need to look no further than the Francisco Rodriguez bullet that they dodged to know the pitfalls of signing a closer to a long and lucrative contract.  If they want to look further, check out the New York Yankees with Rafael Soriano.  Soriano is not closing, but he’s yet another relief pitcher falling way below his contract.

I don’t want to sound like a raging pessimist, but the Mets are not going to compete in 2012 and probably not 2013 either.  I could end up being wrong about 2013, but either way, the Mets simply have no business tying up a significant portion of their payroll on a brand name closer.