New York Yankees Looking Forward to An Improved Mark Teixeira

By Craig Williams

I can’t remember exactly where I first saw the news that Mark Teixeira was planning on working with New York Yankees’ hitting coach Kevin Long over the winter.  At this point, I feel like this is mostly general knowledge so I’ll go ahead and talk about it without worrying that someone will think that I’m coming up with this stuff on my own.  Mark Teixeira has had three productive years with the New York Yankees, but with a .256 and .248 batting average the past two seasons, the production could be even better.  I’m banking on Mark Teixeira becoming the latest New York Yankees star to achieve an offensive turnaround after spending the winter working with Kevin Long.

Long receives a lot of credit for helping Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano go from All-Star selections to MVP candidates.  As hard as Teixeira works and as talented as he is, its exciting to think about the improvements he could make at the plate.  Teixeira has admitted that the short porch in right field is “appetizing” and its reasonable to assume that he let it negatively impact his approach and swing.  There is no reason for Tex to be below .280…and that’s just being nice.  He should really be a .300 hitter.

It’s going to be nice watching Mark Teixeira go into full beast mode in 2012 and provide the New York Yankees with what should be a third legitimate MVP candidate.


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