Robin Ventura Named White Sox Manager

By Bryan Lutz

Former White Sox 3rd baseman, Robin Ventura, was named manager of the Chicago White Sox today.  Wait, what?

For a week straight, we heard Dave Martinez, Sandy Alomar Jr., or Terry Francona.  I figured Martinez was the most logical choice.  He’s been a quality bench coach for one of the game’s best in Joe Maddon.  He also has ties to the organization, being a former player.  Alomar is more or less the same as Martinez.  He just hasn’t had as much experience.  Francona was going to be way too expensive, anyone with a brain could have dismissed him.  But today, out of nowhere, Robin Ventura is a manager.

Ventura, who has absolutely no managerial experience to speak of to my knowledge, is now managing a major league baseball team.  This is going to be really good, or really bad.  I hardly believe managerial experience means anything.  Ask Dodger fans how they felt about Joe Torre in his reign.  “Old School” managers just do more harm than good.  It could be bad just for the fact he has absolutely ZERO experience on how to handle managerial duties.  As much as I don’t care about experience, I would kind of like some.  Another thing I don’t like about the hire is the same problem with Ozzie, it is so hard to fire a guy that has deep ties to a franchise as a player.

I believe Ventura was hired simply because he can be controlled.  He has no ego, he is cool, laid back type of guy.  And after what Kenny had to deal with, I don’t blame him for getting someone he can easily control.  I also believe this foreshadows the 2012 White Sox.  Ventura obviously is a cheap hire, and he has worked in the minors some with the White Sox.  If 2011 we were “All-in”, 2012 should be “Check/Fold”.

There will be no significant moves that will help this team.  The kids will play, and the overpriced veterans will be stuck here.  Sox fans will just have to roll with the punches, with Ventura as the transitional manager.

All I know is, Ace Ventura quotes throughout games almost make it worth it.

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