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New York Yankees Need to Keep Jesus Montero In the Bronx

It’s that time again.  The New York Yankees are heading toward the off-season and starting pitching is the priority.  There are options on the free agent market that will draw plenty of attention – including a substantial amount from the New York Yankees.  There are internal options – albeit of the young and untrusted variety.  And as always there are also trade options – we just don’t know who.  Like clockwork, writers around New York are back at their computers typing up all of the reasons why the New York Yankees should trade Jesus Montero and speculating on a number of non-No. 2 types that the New York Yankees could acquire.  Thankfully a lot of New York Yankees fans have cooled on the idea of trading the team’s No. 1 prospect for pretty much any pitcher not named Felix Hernandez or Clayton Kershaw.  Over at River Ave. Blues, Joe put together a nice post explaining why the New York Yankees can’t and shouldn’t trade Jesus Montero.  He pretty much took the thoughts right out of my mind and is definitely worth reading.  Instead of just repeating everything I’ll touch on a few key points that caught my attention in the post and in the comments.

  • Could it be possible that the Yankees need to think about shifting their focus from a young No. 1 or 2 type starting pitcher to adding some more bats?  That might sound silly considering their potent lineup.  Additionally, you don’t ever shift away from developing top line starters.  Key bats in the Yankees lineup are either in or approaching the post-prime portion of their career.  The Yankees need to make sure they have guys to carry the torch into the second half of this decade.
  • I’m glad the obsession over John Danks has evaporated.  Sure, he’s a solid pitcher, but he’s nowhere close to a guy that I think should be sought after in a deal for Montero.  I have felt that way since the first time I read about Montero.
  • A lot of people are still intrigued by the idea of moving Montero for the San Francisco Giants’ Matt Cain.  Cain is certainly more than just a solid pitcher, but I’m not trading for him either if its up to me.  The post does a good job of explaining why Montero for six years of cheap production is arguably more valuable than Matt Cain and the 200 IP he would provide for however long he was a Yankee.

This is definitely not the last time I’m going to put a post together regarding Jesus Montero.  I feel like it is my duty as a New York Yankees fan (and prospect hugger) to shoot down the foolish ideas that these sports writers come out with every few weeks.