Nyjer Morgan: The Anti-Cardinal

By Craig Phelps

St. Louis, MO- The St. Louis Cardinals will have a chance to put a cork into a traditionally loud mouthed nuisance known as Nyger Morgan along with a group of big personalities, yet mostly respectable Milwaukee Brewers on Monday’s Game 2 of the National League Championship Series.

After riding the pine because of his ineptitude against left handed pitchers (.209 average against southpaws during the regular season), Morgan is expected to be in the Brewers starting line-up today.

While Cardinal fans only have to go back only a few short weeks to recall Morgan’s antics, Tony Plush’s craziness and absolute disregard for the game of baseball.

Various members of the Cardinals have confirmed that Morgan has been spewing out words not fit for your children’s ears all season.  Yet, after putting up with adolescent behavior coming from Morgan during the entirety of his start on September 7th during the Cardinals 2-0 victory over the Brewers, Milwaukee’s centerfielder went berserk after Carpenter yelled one expletive in his direction.  The former Cy Young winner struck out the split-personality left hander in the ninth inning of that game.  Morgan preceded to hurl curse words in Carpenters direction; when the Cardinals starter responded, T. Plush spit his chew into his hand and threw it in the pitchers direction.  Pujols, taking exception to this incredibly immature and disrespectful act, moved towards Morgan in defense of his teammate.

Watch Morgan’s explosion courtesy of MLB.com.

What many baseball fans do not know is that prior to the game, the juvenile center fielder went up to a police officer who was standing in the Brewers dugout at Busch Stadium for the protection of the players, pointed his fingers at the gentlemen as if they were guns, and goes, “Bang bang copper!  You’re dead!”  The officer simply laughed the childish behavior off.

As for Morgan and Carpenter, this was not the first rendezvous between the two.

Nyjer was yelling at Carpenter while he was on the mound during a game at Busch Stadium on August 11.  He was subsequently warned by the umpiring crew.

Watch Morgan try to intimidate and/or disrupt Carpenter courtesy of MLB.com

There are plenty of other incidents involving Nyjer Morgan this year that would send agitator packing if he were on a Tony LaRussa managed team.  In fact, his rash personality may be the reason for his growing list of places lived; Morgan has been on three different teams in the past three years.

Watch Morgan elbow Cardinals Catcher Bryan Anderson courtesy of MLB.com.

St. Louis fans may remember a certain member of the Washington Nationals throwing an elbow at a young catcher named Bryan Anderson who had removed himself out of the base paths and away from any potential collision.  Less than a week after Morgan’s cheap shot on Anderson, the overzealous trash talker had a controversial body check against Brett Hayes of the Marlins.  Both of these incidents occur after Morgan was suspended for throwing a ball at a fan in Philadelphia, hitting the member of the Phillies faithful in the head.

Watch Morgan slams hard into Brett Hayes of the Marlins courtesy of MLB.com.

The next day, the Marlins did the only logical baseball response, something that is part of baseball history and is widely considered acceptable; they threw inside on Morgan in an attempt to hit him as retaliation for his actions.  Morgan charged the mound.

Watch Morgan charge the mound after failed HBP attempt courtesy of MLB.com.

Last season, the Cardinals and Reds got into one of the incredibly minute number of true brawls in baseball.  Despite the previous video, the vast majority of confrontations in Major League Baseball involve simple yelling in each other faces and a variety of hand signals.  Even after the fight that ended in a career-ending concussion for Cardinals back-up catcher Jason LaRue, things have settled down in to a respectable rivalry.  Brandon Phillips has since made light of the situation and has a playful attitude towards Cardinals fan, who respond in kind.

While Morgan is a gifted athlete and a skilled hitter, his personality, whichever one his at the forefront of his mind at the time, would be far from accepted in the Cardinals clubhouse.  Take a look at Brendan Ryan, for example.  Ryan is an extremely gifted shortstop whose range puts him near the top in the game.  His eccentric personality, however, got him removed from Red Bird Nation.  Imagine if Ryan, whose joking was of the innocent form, were replaced with a trash talking, egotistical player who does not play the game in the same traditional manner as Don Tony.  He would simply not be allowed on the field and Cardinals fans, in return, would shun him.

This level of immaturity, this type of behavior, the threatening of a police officer, joking or not, the hot headed split personalities of Nyjer Morgan is bad for baseball.  While Major League Baseball needs some more personality, Tony Plush, Nyjer Morgan, or whoever he is today is not it.

Nyger Morgan is the anti-Cardinal.  Nyjer Morgan is anti-baseball.

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