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Could You be in Blue, C.C. Sabathia?

You all know by now I don’t mind throwing out crazy stuff and this may seem really crazy. What do you think of trying to go after CC Sabathia again? He has an option year this off-season with the Yankees and there’s a bit of speculation that he will exercise it.

He has a home in California, loves playing in the National League, because he loves to hit and he had a desire to play for the Dodgers a few seasons ago but they balked on the contract he was asking for, but I thoroughly believe that if they’d gone after him, the Dodgers could’ve been to the World Series that season.

While he’s not a world class pitcher like Kershaw was last season, he always gives you innings and he’s a tough competitor, something the Dodgers really need. Could you imagine Kershaw and Sabathia going 1-2 in this rotation, in Dodger Stadium? Yeah, I like the sound of it too.

The only thing I’m guessing would keep the team from going after him is the price. The Yankees are the only team, other than the Red Sox, that’s crazy enough to pay him like the Yankees did and the Dodgers front office feel like their priority is hitting.

So while I’d love to see C.C. as a Dodger, I don’t think it will happen, but man would it be great to see him in Dodger blue.