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Will the New York Mets’ Front Office Get Pilfered This Off-Season?

If you’re reading up on the New York Mets, I’m assuming that you’re a New York Mets fan.  I’m also not expecting you to necessarily be aware of everything that goes on around the league.  Take the Baltimore Orioles for instance.  This week, Andy MacPhail, their President of Baseball Operations stepped down from his post.  Naturally, the Baltimore Orioles need to find a replacement.  According to Buster Olney, that replacement could emerge from the New York Mets’ front office as the Baltimore Orioles have expressed interest in the New York Mets’ J.P. Ricciardi.  From 2002-2009, J.P. Ricciardi was the GM of the Toronto Blue Jays so the experience and the American League East connections might hold some value for the Baltimore Orioles.  According to Olney, the list of candidates is short for the Baltimore Orioles, but I’m hoping that they decide on someone else.  I can’t honestly say that I know what benefit that J.P. Ricciardi brings to the New York Mets’ front office, but Sandy Alderson (New York Mets GM) has assembled a staff of solid baseball minds (based on reputation at least) and I would like to see what they can do once they clean off the rest of the smudges that former GM Omar Minaya left behind and continue to rebuild the franchise.