Three Reasons that Prince Fielder Should go to the Cubs

By Evan Massey

I’ve been more excited about this years free agent class, than I have been about the last five years worth of free agent classes. Don’t ask me why, because I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it’s because there are plenty of big names that are likely to be out on the market. Maybe it’s because there are so many different rumors and possibilities swirling around about those star players, that has you guessing non-stop about where they should go. All that being said, I’m going to focus on one of those star players, and one of the many rumors surrounding where he may be playing next season. Prince Fielder is the athlete that today’s article is about, and I look forward to hearing all your thoughts and opinions on what I write here today.

1. The Re-Building of a Great Franchise

The Chicago Cubs have been down in the deepest hole for a long, long time. With the hiring of former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, the Cubs are hoping that things will begin to change. Epstein is known for his ability to build teams through free agency, farm system, and most people expect him ot head into Chicago and do just that for the Chicago Cubs.

Fielder is one of those big named free agents that the Cubs have been rumored to be looking at, to help start that re-build back into contention. He’d bring the first basemen that the Cubs need, and would bring a consistent slugger to the lineup. He’s got winning experience in Milwaukee, coming off this years division title, and knows how to come through in the clutch. He’s been rumored to be interested in the Cubs, but they will be competing with a ton of other teams for his services.

Honestly though, it will be hard for Prince to say no to being the best player on a team with the history of the Chicago Cubs. If he were able to come in and lead that team to the postseason, he’d be a hero.

Prince Watches as Another Home Flies Out of the Park

2. The Ability to Get the Payday He’s Looking For

Fielder is at the point in his career when winning means everything, but he wants to win and still get the price he’s asking. The Cubs have been known to be willing to spend, and after not spending much on the free agent market last season, all signs point to them looking to go out and give a max deal to someone this year. Fielder might just be that guy, and could get the money he’s looking for from the Cubs.

Once again, Theo Epstein comes up big in this category. He’s know as a great General Manager around the league, and most players, including Fielder have been quotes by people saying that he’s the type of guy that you like to have as a friend, and he’s also the type of guy that you love to play for. Epstein is good at offering players the right kind of deal, and convincing them to sign the deal, even if they are getting better offers from other teams. I’m very excited to see what Theo can do about getting Fielder signed to a deal.

3. Because of the Fans

Fielder has always enjoyed the feeling of the home fans in Milwaukee rooting him on, but he couldn’t even begin to imagine how much of a fan favorite he would be if he did come to Chicago. The Cubs fans have been looking for a clear-cut leader, and best player like Fielder for quite some time, and you can bet if they see one of the best sluggers come into this organization, they’d be all over him. Can he really resist the fan power desiring him to sign? Maybe. But when, or if he ever does join the Cubs, and steps foot into the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, and hears that crowd, he will know that it was the right decision.

Overall, I think there are many factors that lead him to Chicago. Will he sign there? We won’t know until he signs somewhere on the dotted line, but personally I feel that it is the best fit for him outside of Milwaukee.

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