When is Enough Finally Enough?

By Joe Tichy

The Chicago White Sox obviously had a lackluster season, which generally means changes are coming within the coaching staff.  Ozzie Guillen?  Resigned with two days left in the organization.  Greg Walker?  Told he wouldn’t be coming back next year.  Joey Cora?  He was informed to not come to the final two games.  Jeff Cox?  He was granted permission to seek employment elsewhere.  The Sox have their agenda for the offseason.  That agenda is to move on from the Ozzie era and start fresh with a majority of new coaches.  The only two remaining were pitching coach Don Cooper and first base coach Harold Baines, who were both given extensions.

Let us begin the tumultuous task at hand of finding a new manager.  Stop the presses.  Ozzie has something to say about Don Cooper managing the last two games and not his close friend and possible bench coach in Miami, Joey Cora.  Oh, you have a new job already coaching the Miami Marlins?  Ok, let’s move on.  Let the Robin Ventura era begin.  He is a first time manager with a great baseball acumen and received rave reviews not so much of his hiring, but for his knowledge of the game.  Let’s schedule a press conference announcing the hiring and welcome him as the new manager of the Chicago White Sox.  Hang on a second.  Writers are calling out Don Cooper about something Ozzie said about him and his relationship with Kenny Williams.  The word for a female dog was thrown around?  Oh, this has to be publicized.  This isn’t the Jersey Shore, but it seems writers think that Ozzie thinks we have a situation here.  Ozzie said, “Look, those guys didn’t want me.  I didn’t leave them.”  Actually, according to the organization, I believe it said “the Chicago White Sox have granted Ozzie Guillen his request for a release.”  Requesting your release is indeed leaving them, isn’t it Ozzie?

Maybe the papers should stop writing about what the FORMER manager said about Don Cooper or Paul Konerko or Kenny Williams.  Kenny considered having Paul Konerko as a player/manager.  Creative?  Absolutely.  Smart?  Maybe not so much.  Did he end up going through with said plan?  No.  Everyone has an opinion though and Ozzie voiced his in the October 18th issue of the Chicago Sun-Times saying, “Wow, I guess people think managing is easy.”  No, Ozzie, I don’t think Williams ever said that publicly or maybe it wasn’t printed publicly.  We’ll never know.  Do you know why we’ll never know?  Because Williams and his staff are focusing on 2012, the future.  Yes, the future, Ozzie.  What your future holds is a new team, a new stadium, and a team that is most likely going to attempt to create a splash (no pun intended) in free agency to put butts in seats to pay for that new stadium.  Relish that Ozzie.  Look forward, not backward.

I will be the first to say I loved Ozzie Guillen as a manager and as a player.  He was fiery, he was passionate, and he was open.  His flaw is not being able to let things go.  Your time as a part of the Chicago White Sox organization is over Ozzie.  Some of us will miss you and we all miss the success of 2005.  We thanked you for it.  We expected a you’re welcome, but did not get it.  With all this drama, I keep hearing “JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!” chants in my head, only they aren’t summoning Jerry Reinsdorf.  Guillen and the media have created televised talk show drama in Major League Baseball.

You are the manager of an exciting new franchise and could be responsible for the rise of Hanley Ramirez back to excellence and the rise of Mike Stanton to superstardom.  Relish it Ozzie.  Look forward, not backward.

Sox fans won’t hear Ventura asking for an extension in July when the team still hasn’t found any sort of stride or risen above .500 for that matter.  Sox fans won’t hear about Ventura going behind his coaching staff’s back.  Sox fans won’t read about Ventura calling Don Cooper Kenny’s b**** in mid-October when the team hasn’t even played baseball since September 28th.  Refreshing, huh?  Ozzie and the Sox fans need to do the same thing-forget the past and look forward.

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