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Yu Darvish Needs To Be the Chicago Cubs Top Priority

With the rumors surrounding Yu Darvish being posted this winter by his Japanese team, the Chicago Cubs need to be a major player in the chase after the “next big thing” out of Japan. Yu Darvish is absolutely outstanding with some of the best stuff on the globe. Yes I know we’ve heard that before- Hideo Nomo, Irabu, and the latest being Dice K Matsuzaka- but Yu Darvish is better than them all. He possesses 6 or 7 pitches, all quality, and he can strike you out with any of them. That’s special. The other positive thing in the whole ordeal is Yu Darvish is apparently a worker, and he loves to pitch. You can’t say any of the other Japanese super stars had that reputation. So why should the Cubs concentrate on Yu instead of say…Prince Fielder?

The Cubs need pitching in the worst way. They lack an ace. They lack a guy that can take the ball every 5th day and give you a chance to win every outing. They lack the guy who can win a cy young in multiple seasons. They lack a bulldog. With all do respect to Matt Garza and Ryan Dempster- neither are an ace. As much as the Cubs want Garza to be- his stuff is just too inconsistent to be the consistent 1. If he were a 2 or 3- he would be that much more effective. CJ Wilson is on the market this winter too, so why should the Cubs look at Yu and not CJ? I like CJ Wilson. He’s done great things since moving to the rotation, but again- I just don’t see him as a true number 1. I see him as more of a 2 and there is NOTHING wrong with that. CJ Wilson is going to get “ace” like money because that’s just the way the pitching market is now a days- but that doesn’t make him an ace. There is no reason for the Cubs to over pay for a glorified 2. Some of you might ask- then why should the Cubs overpay for a guy that has never pitched in the bigs yet? After the busts of Nomo, Irabu, and Dice K? Well- all I can say is simply- Yu has better stuff than all of them. I project him to be an ace. I project him to be everything the Cubs need in an ace- and is worth the shot.

You cannot win without pitching, and that’s what the Cubs lack. You can win without the best offense- and that’s been proven. Signing Yu Darvish is a step in the right direction of building a staff that can’t be touched.