Three Players that Theo Epstein Will Target in Free Agency

I’ve been thinking about things that Theo is going to do immediately upon arrival, and he wants to turn this team around right away. What could do that? Well, there are some very key players out there on the market this offseason, and the Cubs have a lot of money to spend. Lets take a look at the three players that I think Theo will target in free agency. Whether they come to Chicago or not, these are the three guys he really wants.

1. Albert Pujols

There is absolutely no doubt that Pujols could completely turn this Chicago Cubs ball-club around. We need some consistent power hitters, and guys who are going to be the clear-cut leader for this franchise, and that’s exactly what Pujols is. He’s dangerous at the plate, and he’s a great defensive first baseman as well.

Theo and Albert have a very good relationship, and that could play a factor. Not only would Pujols be coming into a situation where the fans are probably the best in the game, but he’s coming into a place that is desperate to win. Very much like Theo, if he were to lead this Cubs team to the World Series, he’d be forever loved by Cubs fans. It’s a very interesting draw.

To wrap up the thoughts on Pujols, he would have to get a lot of money. The Cubs are willing to give up that kind of cash for a player of his caliber, so I’d look for them to be in the bidding war for him.

2. C.C. Sabathia

I hear a lot of people saying that there’s no question that Sabathia stays in New York. I’m here to pose a question. Since they haven’t gotten a deal done yet, and he still hasn’t made his decision, why wouldn’t he just go test the market? He always will have a deal on the table from the Yankees if he decides to come back, so why not just go ahead and see what else is out there?

The Cubs’ rotation has been awful the last couple seasons. Last years best two pitchers were probably Matt Garza and Carlos Zambrano, and I think we all know how Zambrano’s season turned out. Chicago is desperately trying to find that ace that can carry the pitching staff, and be an almost automatic win every time out for them. C.C. very well could be that guy, and we all know that Theo has said great things about him.

Once again, this deal would cost a lot of cash, but it would be well worth it.

3. Prince Fielder

Fielder is very similar to what was said about Albert Pujols. He could come in right away and be that monster bat that has consistency along with that power as well. He’s not the best defensive first baseman, but he does get the job done.

Prince would be coming from a place in Milwaukee where he is the second best player behind Ryan Braun, to being the obvious superstar for the Cubs’ organization. Fans would be all over him, and I can’t believe that those things wouldn’t intrigue him about Chicago. The Cubs could offer him just as much as any other franchise is going to offer, and it still keeps him around the midwest.

Fielder is probably the best option here for the Cubs if we’re looking at probability of getting a deal done, and I think he’d have a huge impact in Chicago as well. Fielder has been quoted as saying that Theo, “is a great guy on and off the field.” Sounds to me like they have a good relationship as well, and we could possibly see Prince Fielder in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field next season on the home team.

So basically those are the three “superstars” that I see the Cubs going after this year. It’s not their style to go after the big names normally, but what else are they going to do? Theo wants to win, and they’re not going to be able to do that without adding some star power to the roster. These three guys give them that, and I get the feeling that they’ll be looking for two “star” caliber players, not just one.

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  • Calvin

    No way! They can’t win right away, why waste a huge chunk of payroll on players that will be way past their prime when the Cubs finally turn this thing around. Get some perspective, this thing starts with the farm system.

  • Tanned Tom

    The Cubs suck. Why would Pujols leave St. Louis for Chicago? At this stage of career a guy leaves for more money, more chances to win, or to be nearer his family/friends. Not so thumbsuckers in Chi can have an excuse for their wet dreams. Same arguments apply for Sabathia staying in NY. Fielder is a posibility, as he is younger, but he’s a better fit in SF.

  • bobauler

    how old are you? try 71. get some perspective. it’s a team game.
    you are recycling that same old fable: what the cubs need is a home run hitter. that usually translates into a double play and 3 strikeouts.
    remember bill miller? not good enough to keep in chicago and he goes to boston and wins with team ball.
    wrigley has about 40 times a year when nobody can be a “consistent power hitter.” 30 when anybody can.
    but the 90 feet to the next base never changes; nobody says the wind coming in or the wind blowing out changes the likelihood of advancing a runner, or bunting, or stealing. the new kid did more for the offense by his speed than soriano, the last home run hitter we overpaid for, or ramirez or mr. strikeout at first base.
    your pujols and fielder commercial is just recycled crap from the past. i go back to dave kingman and a parade of guys with big bats and 3/4 of their careers over. in the 50s we had banks and williams and lee walls and dale long and bobby thompson. we led the league in power and invitations to speak in the off season rubber-chicken circuit; but no championships. santo and hundley and the thumpers of the 60s didn’t win.
    ho hum, another home run to make the scantily-clad blondes interrupt their review of department stores.
    the only time we have put a consistent scare into anybody was 84 and a couple of late 90s teams. and isolated stretches where we played team ball. small ball, if you like, but loaded up 4 (in those days) starters and a bullpen that was not designed to make a closer into a national hero. everybody got to close if they got people out; they pitched until they failed.
    sabathia, ok. but epstein is right in his comments about building from the draft and the farm. and not doing a stimulus-bill expenditure on guys who hit one every 4 games (41 for the year?). and the little kids buy the bubble gum pictures.