Robinson Cano: Shut Up and Play

This just in, Robinson Cano wants a new contract from the New York Yankees. Robinson Cano has two options worth over 12 million in each year, but apparently that isn’t enough for Mr. Cano. He looks around at his teammates like CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and Mark Teixeira and wants a pay day similar to those guys. My advice to Robinson Cano?

Shut up and play. You signed the contract, and frankly- you’re making a boat load of money. Sure you want more money- who doesn’t? That doesn’t mean that your entitled to it.

Robinson Cano is a very talented player. One of the best hitters in all of baseball. However, he like everyone else under contract should honor it- and not worry about it. He’s not going to starve for two years, and when it’s up…he’ll get paid.

The Yankees are going to have enough on their plate regarding free agency this year- they shouldn’t have to worry about a player already under contract.

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  • Shavager

    Agreed, he signed the contract, live up to it like a man. Time for Cano to get his rear in gear, this “non-challant” attitude in the field when fielding will bite Yankees in a crucial game time play in playoffs at some time in future. I’d take Dustin Pedroia’s play anyday over Cano, he’s gungho on every play, Cano thinks his arm strength can accomplish any throw so he deliberately lackadaisically fields the ball. His ability to go with a pitch and drive it opposite field instead of pulling it makes his bat a potent weapon for Yankees offense but being more aggressive on the field would make him a better player.