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New York Mets Should Consider Joe Nathan for Ninth Inning Duties

The buzz around the New York Mets has been a bit slow lately, but there hasn’t been too much to get buzzed about – not unless you get excited about releasing a 32-year old, not very good relief pitcher (Ryota Igarashi) at least.  By now we are well aware of some of the decisions/challenges facing the New York Mets this offsesaon.  And one of the more talked about challenges is bolstering the bullpen and finding a closer for 2011.  There are a several big names hitting the market: Jonathan Papelbon, Heath Bell, Ryan Madson, Brad Lidge, etc.  I say pass on all of those guys.  The New York Mets definitely do not need to spend a lot of money on a closer nor commit to a lot of years.  I talked about Jonathan Broxton being a good option for the New York Mets to consider several weeks ago, and I also think Joe Nathan presents a solid option.  Who knows what he’ll end up costing, but considering his age (37 in November) and the fact that he’s coming off of a poor showing in his first season back from Tommy John surgery should keep the costs down.  Considering that Joe Nathan will probably want to prove his worth in the hopes of securing one more multi-year contract, I think its reasonable to expect him to be open to a one-year deal.  Maybe one with a handsome option.  Who knows, I’m not the GM or the agent.  I just think that the New York Mets would be wise to strongly consider making the four-time All-Star their closer in 2012.