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Chicago Cubs Third Baseman Aramis Ramirez Likely Will Test Free Agency

Aramis Ramirez has apparently told the Chicago Cubs he’s going to test free agency. The Cubs picked up his option for the 2012 season only to see Aramis decline his. This is going to be an interesting process as I do think Aramis can get more money if he hits the open market. How much? I could see him securing a 3-4 year deal worth around 12 million annually. Should the Cubs make a run at him?

I say no. Look- Aramis has been very stable since being traded for back in 2003, but keep in mind- the Cubs haven’t won anything with Aramis in the middle of the order. He’s not going to be cheap, and he’s getting older. He’s had some injury problems, and his passion to play the game of baseball has been questioned multiple times.

I believe the Chicago Cubs and new upper management are going to say thanks for the memories and let him walk. This team is going to be bad for a year or 2 in all likelihood so let’s take that money and spread it around- hopefully to the starting rotation.

It’s a new era in Chicago, and I believe letting Aramis walk will be good for the longevity of the Chicago Cubs.