White Sox Will Not Be Buying in 2012

By Bryan Lutz

In “Well, Duh” news for the week, Whitesox.com writer, Scott Merkin has stated the White Sox will not be targeting big ticket free-agents in 2012.

After a year of high expectations and high payroll that met horrible results and horrible attendance figures, Uncle Jerry will not be shelling out anyone of his money.  White Sox are already committed to 90M according to the very informative Cots baseball contract website.

That number does not include the obvious raises in arbitration from John Danks and Carlos Quentin.  Which further proves my point from my previous article/post/blog that I do not expect Danks or Quentin to be returning to the Southside.

The team basically has half their body in wet cement.  They are stuck with Peavy, Rios, and Dunn.  Between the three of them, that is 43M.  43M for approximately 3 wins?  Not the best rate on investment.   Sox just have to hope and pray to God/Allah… whatever (Office Space FTW) that that trio gets abducted by Space Jam aliens and remember that they were once good players.  You have to pencil them in to start solely based on the money they are making.

Out of the Top 10 Free Agents, most of them come from positions that the Sox have covered anyway.  That being 1B, SP, and SS.  Also, with the failure of Dunn, I can totally understand why Reinsdorf is gun shy.  White Sox will have to go bargain shopping to fill in their roster.

However, that roster has little holes to fill.  The Sox will be going with Morel and Beckham at 3B/2B based on cost alone.  Ramirez and Konerko are given based on production.  A.J. is a given because, well he’s A.J.  As stated, Dunn/Peavy/Rios are given based on their salaries.  The only question marks are in LF and RF, and if Quentin is back that’s your RF, and LF is de Aza in my book.

So essentially, your 2011 “All-In” White Sox will be your 2012 “Degenerate Gambler” White Sox.  A year of hopelessness and despair.  Unless we finally hit the big one.

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