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New York Yankees Part Ways With Andrew Brackman…For Now

I feel like a bum talking about all this news a day or two after it happens, but what are you going to do?  It’s the analysis, reaction and opinions that make the stories more interesting anyway.  By now, you’ve probably heard that the New York Yankees released RHP Andrew Brackman – their 2007 first round draft pick.  Andrew Brackman has had an up-and-down professional career thus far.  He underwent Tommy John surgery (a procedure that the New York Yankees knew was on tap), missed all of 2008, was awful in 2009, much improved in 2010 and dreadful again this past season.  Although, to be fair, he definitely improved substantially toward the latter part of the season after moving to the bullpen.  I’m not convinced that the New York Yankees are intending to permanently cut ties with Andrew Brackman, but their hands were semi tied this time around.  As Keith Law tweets, the New York Yankees were forced to release Andrew Brackman if they didn’t pick up his option.  If I remember correctly, the option was worth $1.5 million – a figure that Andrew Brackman is not worth.  At least not in the eyes of Brian Cashman.  I think the New York Yankees will try to bring Andrew Brackman back at a better price.  It will be interesting to see if any teams are willing to outbid them though.

It was the tiniest sample, but I was pretty impressed with some of the stuff that Brackman showed in his big league action.  I didn’t see much, but I loved the action on his cutter and his curve looked like it could cause opposing hitters some problems as well.  Who knows what role the future holds for him, but you don’t find pitchers with Brackman’s raw ability falling off of trees.  My only hope is that the New York Yankees didn’t just provide some team with a golden nugget that we’re going to look back on with regret.