Tony LaCava Turns Down Orioles GM Job To Stay With Blue Jays

By Thom Tsang

In a move that probably speaks as much about the state of the Orioles franchise as it does about our Blue Jays, assistant GM Tony LaCava has turned down a job offer to run the O’s, opting instead to “see this through” with Alex Anthopoulous.

LaCava did interview for the job (twice, in fact), but at the end of the day, decided that greener pastures were at home here with Toronto, and honestly, I don’t think I could blame him. He said nothing but nice things about the O’s organization thorough the process, but it’s difficult not to read through the lines of the story here. Yes, the Blue Jays are a team on the rise, and I’m sure LaCava wanted to continue working here because the team values his baseball mind…but you can probably chalk this one up to O’s owner Peter Angelos, who has had a way of causing both minor and major messes since owning the team.

Did LaCava and Angelos butt heads during the interview process? Was there something fundamental about how much power LaCava would have as GM that made him change his mind about wanting the position? At the end of the day, whatever the reasons may be that LaCava turned down the 1-of-30 job, this is likely good news for us Jays fans. Well, if you believe that the current management team that Alex Anthopoulous has put together is doing a good job of rebuilding the club, anyway.

With that distraction over, we can now focus our attention on paying Prince Fielder $200 million dollars to play here…right? No? Awww.


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