Jeff Manto Is The Dumbest Person Alive

By Bryan Lutz

I want Greg Walker back.

I don’t listen to talk radio.  Partly, because I’m in South Bend.  Mostly, because I hate the quorum of most Chicago fanbases.  Little did I know that personnel for teams could call in regurgitating nonsense.

White Sox new hitting coach, Jeff Manto, was on the Score this afternoon.   Probably a “get to know ya” type of interview came out with a little nugget.  Jeff Manto hates walks.

Let me translate that for you. He hates baserunners, which means he hates runs, which means he must hate winning.    Manto dropped this bomb on the Mully and Hanley show today.

“Do we want Adam Dunn taking a ball (when it is) off the plate with a man on third and the infield back and you got (Justin) Verlander throwing and he walks him? I don’t know.  What happens is that you set up the double play. If you (hit) into a double play, you get out of the inning. We give high five for taking the walk, but we have arguably the most prolific left-handed hitter in the game at the plate. He can drive that run in.”

I don’t know what is worse to be honest.  Saying he doesn’t want walks, or that he thinks Dunn is the most prolific left-handed hitter in the game.  I like Adam Dunn, I have blind faith he will rebound in 2012.  But, are you freaking kidding me?  First off, one of the main reason Dunn is “good” is because he walks! He’s a .240 hitter!  Yes, he is a powerful bat, but that’s because he walks! And is patient!  This is like telling Rickey Henderson not to run, Aaron Rodgers to hand the ball off, LeBron James to make a 18 foot jumper in the 4th, or Kim Kardashian to do compound fractions!

Sorry to go all Elaine Benes here and dropping exclamation points, but I’m guessing it’s frowned upon to drop four letter words in an article.  Kind of like how it’s frowned up to have sex with the cleaning woman on the desk in your office, or masturbating on an airplane.  That’s a lot of pop culture drops right there.  Back to Manto. dug up some old Manto quotes from when he was hitting coach with the Pirates.  You can’t overlook those mid 2000s Pirates squads! Here’s a couple of fun nuggets.

“For starters, Manto is no fan of on-base percentage, partly because he believes its emphasis on walks does not take into account that a base-on-balls is not always a desired or productive result.

While dismissing runs created, Manto offered his own statistical category: “runs produced” — measured by adding runs and RBI, subtracting home runs from that total and dividing that number by games played.”

Cool.  We have a philosophizer on our hands.  A person who makes up his own player statistics, of team produced stats like runs and RBI.  Here’s one more.

“A lack of patience long has been a bugaboo for Pirates hitters, but Manto has no plan to isolate on drawing more walks.

“Do we want Jason Bay walking if a pitch is an inch outside and there’s a man on third? I’m not so sure. There’s a time to walk and a time to understand what’s going on.”
– Feb. 16, 2006

I want to try to understand this, but I can’t, and I will refuse.  The best possible thing a hitter can do while batting is not make an out.  Yes, there are scenarios that come up once every 1000 plate appearances that a bunt is the smart move, or hitting behind the runner is smart, but over the course of a long season all that stuff means nothing.

So, to sum up the off-season.  We got a manager who hasn’t managed, re-signing a middle reliever on a tight budget, and hired a hitting coach who doesn’t like baserunners.  I can’t wait to hear what Joe McEwing’s thoughts are on the 3rd base job.  I’m going to guess it’s making the 1st and 3rd out at 3rd is acceptable, and making the 1st out at home is getting the job done because it’s “aggressive”

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