Are the White Sox a Fit for Jurrjens?

By Joe Tichy

Assuming Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t let Kenny Williams spend any more money, the general manager may have to get creative in his pursuit of additional pieces to fill out his 2012 major league roster.  The free agency market has its share of marquee names like Pujols, Fielder, and Reyes, but the White Sox will most likely not be able to spend marquee money on said free agents.  Even if they did land one of the big three, they really have no viable way of getting them playing time.

The White Sox do have some movable pieces such as Gavin Floyd, John Danks, or Carlos Quentin.  They could also be in serious trouble if Mark Buehrle skips town and heads to Miami, New York, or Texas.  With not much cap room and a possibly huge void to fill, Jair Jurrjens is attainable.  The Braves are looking to make a move following last season’s end of year troubles.  Experience like Gavin Floyd and Carlos Quentin could add that experience.  With right field being occupied by Jason Heyward, it appears Quentin would be of no use to the Braves.  Quentin doesn’t possess center field speed or left field defense.

If the White Sox could package Gavin Floyd and Gordon Beckham with maybe a AA prospect, I believe the Braves would be willing to part ways with their 25-year old ace.  Beckham would be able to move back to short where he played in college since Dan Uggla is at second.  He also can be of assistance if the aging Chipper Jones needs a day of rest at third.  As it stands right now, the starting Braves shortstop would be Tyler Pastornicky.  Ever hear of him?  No.  That’s because he has yet to play a game in the major leagues.  Sending Beckham to Atlanta as opposed to the older and injury-prone Quentin may rule out the chances of the Sox sending a prospect down there.  With the White Sox farm system already thin, that might not be a bad thing.

Kenny Williams has never been one to shy away from being creative.  He may have to be more creative than ever this offseason to be competitive and return to the baseball team everyone expects them to be.  His inflated payroll isn’t helping things either and with Danks and Quentin due for arbitration hearings in December, it is time for Williams and squad to decide if they’re “All In” again.

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