Can Peter Bourjos Reel in David Wright?

By Bryan Lutz

News broke out of the Big Apple that David Wright is on the market.  The 28-year old 3rd basemen is coming off his worst season to date.  Wright’s slash line was a very pedestrian .254/.345/.427.  It’s not bad, but it’s not good.  Wright is in the final year of his deal guaranteed year (16M team option in 2013), in which he is going to make 15 million dollars.  15 million for a guy who put up under a 2 WAR last year.  Sounds like a move right up Tony Reagins alley! Oh wait, Reagins is gone?  Hooray capitalism!  Too bad a guy who traded Mike Napoli for Vernon Wells couldn’t keep his job, right?

According to Mike Newman and Jim Breen out of New York, the Mets would want Peter Bourjos and more for Wright.  On paper you could look at this and think this is a “well, duh” trade for the Angels.  You could get an all-star 3rd baseman, and be done playing Alberto Callaspo and Maicer Izturis on a daily basis for a centerfielder with the phenom that is Michael Trout.  The new GM of the Angels, Jerry Dipoto, must fight that urge.

Bourjos quietly had an absolutely fantastic season.  Bourjos had a slash of .271/.327/.438.  Considering that this was Bourjos’ first full year in the majors, that is pretty darn good.  He also was a wizard in the field posting 7.5 UZR.  Bourjos had a 16.6 UZR in 2010 in 193 PA’s, so his fielding is legit.  If you don’t know what UZR means just know it saves runs, and plus is good and minus is bad.  With his UZR being at 7.5, and being a centerfielder, Bourjos posted a 4.3 WAR according to FanGraphs.  He was 3rd in American League centerfielders with that 4.3 WAR trailing only Jacoby Ellsbury (9.4) and Curtis Granderson (7.0).  If you don’t know what WAR means, it estimates how much wins a player is responsible for.  A zero WAR is a replacement player.  AKA Bobby Abreu.

I’m not saying Bourjos is the second coming of Mickey Mantle, but what I am saying is he isn’t worth David Wright.  Bourjos production + team controlled salary > Wright’s production + 15 million.  It’s really not even close.  Trout is young and has time.  There is no need to rush.  If the Halos want Trout to trade that bad, then make Abreu a part-timer or salary dump him.

The best move Dipoto could make is to not make one at all.  At least not this one.

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