Forget Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, The Chicago Cubs Should Trade For Logan Morrison

By Living Baseball

With the Chicago Cubs needing a first basemen, there’s a ton of internet speculation that they’ll make a deep run at Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols.

If you’ve read some of my other pieces, I’m not in support of doing that if it’ll cripple the Cubs ability to build a team because of the money invested into Pujols/Fielder, Alfonso Soriano etc. If you’ve read a couple of my pieces, you’ll know that I’m a big believer in pitching, and that has to be what drives an organization- especially in a park like Wrigley that serves as a pitchers or hitters park on any given day. It’s not secret I want the Cubs to make a run at CJ Wilson and Yu Darvish using the money they’d send to Pujols or Fielder, but none of that answers what the Cubs should do at first.

Carlos Pena was exactly what we thought he was. A good defensive guy that only hits for power. If he’s the focal point of the offense…the Cubs are in trouble.

A simple solution. Send Carlos Zambrano and money to the Marlins in exchange for Logan Morrison. I’ve been a big fan of Logan Morrison since he was in the minors as a first basemen, and stuck him on 2 fantasy teams waiting for yahoo to take away his N/A because he wasn’t on the big league team yet. He’s a good hitter who changed positions for the good of the team, but that doesn’t change the fact he was horribly mis treated in Florida last year. I think he would hit extremely well at Wrigley because he can hit for power- and has the ability to hit for average. It would be a solid solution at first, and Carlos Zambrano out of town would help as well.

It’s an option. Who knows if it’s an option that’s realistic or not- but it makes sense.

Again- it really depends on how much money the Ricketts have to spend, and no one in the public or media…no one…including me…has the asnwer to that question.

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