Jose Reyes Being Courted by the Miami Marlins

By Living Baseball

The Miami Marlins aren’t going to sit and stand by this year in terms of free agents. They’ve been talking to Jose Reyes (via his agent of course) about taking his talents to south beach, and joining another “star” (using that term lightly) shortstop in Miami. If Jose Reyes actually went to the Marlins, where would Hanley play? It’s likely he’d move to 2nd base to make room for Matt Dominguez, but still.

I actually like the aggressiveness of the Marlins in their pursuit of Jose Reyes, I just think they’re going after a guy they don’t really need. IF they’re gonna spend money, why not go after some middle of the order bats, (Carlos Quentin), and trade the disgruntled Logan Morrison for some pitching. That would make the Marlins a multi threat team, and exciting to watch. Jose Reyes doesn’t exactly make them a better ball club because they still have multiple issues. Although- I guess having Jose Reyes at the top with Hanley, Gaby Sanchez, Mike Stanton, and Logan Morrison (if not traded) behind him is attractive.

It’s clear Miami is trying to shed the reputation of being cheap. Can they close the deal? We’ll find out.

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