Lorenzo Cain Will Get His Chance with the Royals

By Bryan Lutz

If there was one person who was absolutely ecstatic about the Melky Cabrera trade, it would be Mark Buehrle who Cabrera murders, and Royals prospect Lorenzo Cain.

Cain was acquired in the Zack Grienke deal last winter along with the slick fielding speed demon Alcides Escobar. He seemed to be a lock to play for a rebuilding Kansas City club. At 25, Cain thought he was finally going to get his chance to be an every day big leaguer  However, Alex Gordon, Melky Cabrera, and Jeff Francouer were main stays in the Royals outfield for the entire season. Some players would have given up to frustration. Not Cain. When Bob Dutton of the KC Star talked to Cain, he stated:

“I just had to suck it up and deal with the situation I was in, I had to continue to prove that I can play.”

Play he did. Cain hit .312 with a career high 18 homers in AAA Omaha. All the proof Dayton Moore needed to pull the trigger on trading one of his outfielders. You can expect Cain to do what Melky should have done. Melky overplayed his head, and trading him was the right move; especially with a guy like Cain waiting in the wings.

He did put up a slash line of .306/.348/.415 with the Brewers in 158 plate appearances in 2010. Cain might be most memorable for his ridiculous catch off the wall at Cincinnati which was one of the Top 5 defensive plays of 2010. Do you think Lorenzo Cain is going to hit the ground running like he did that night in Cincinnati?

“They’re giving me a shot. Hopefully, everything works out. I’m definitely excited about my opportunity.”

It sounds like Lorenzo Cain is ready.


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