Rumor Mill: The St. Louis Cardinals Should Trade Matt Holliday to the Washington Nationals

By Living Baseball

The St. Louis Cardinals have a serious problem in terms of signing Albert Pujols. It’s clear they can’t afford what Pujols wants so he’s going out to see what he’d get on the marekt- makes sense. Well what makes sense is that the St. Louis Cardinals can’t lose Albert Pujols…no matter what. No one is more important than Albert Pujols. They have to free up some space, and the best way to do that? Sorry Matt Holliday…but your on the trade block.

A team I kept coming back too? The Washington Nationals. Why? They have the farm system, and the motivation to put another big time hitter in the line up. Here’s the trade as I see it.

The Cardinals send Holliday and cash to the Nationals for:

1) Anthony Rendon
Rendon was the best bat in college, and fell in the draft due to some injury issues. Those issues could be enough to part with him to get a hitter like Holliday. I’d do it anyway.

2) Brad Peacock
He’s an injury risk with his mechanics, and is worth parting with when they still have AJ Cole to join Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmerman in company.

3) Derek Norris
They don’t need a catcher because of Wilson Ramos. With Yadier Molina getting older, it’s never a bad thing to have a big league ready back stop…just in case.

4) A younger prospect…likely in low A ball…not very close to the big leagues.

That would be one heck of a deal for both teams. The Cardinals restock their farm system with some real good talent, and Rendon would likely be used right away. With guys like Allen Craig and John Jay- I don’t think you lose that much honestly. Rendon would make up for it. Throw Peacock in there with Shelby Miller and a few other good arms? That’s a real good stockage of young arms to run the Central for a long time coming.

the Nationals get a bat in the middle. You can never have enough. With an Outfield of Holliday, Harper, and Jayson Werth…to go with Ryan Zimmerman, Danny Espinosa, Ian Desmond, and Michael Morse? If Wilson Ramos comes around? Yikes.
1) Jayson Werth
2) Danny Espinosa
3) Matt Holliday
4) Ryan Zimmerman
5) Bryce Harper
6) Michael Morse
7) Wilson Ramos
8) Ian Desmond

Anyone believe that lineup couldn’t contend for a playoff spot?

Welcome to the pre winter meetings. Where rumors are going to run wild. This rumor? Should be a reality for both teams.

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