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James Loney Has 1 More Year to Prove Himself

Yes, another Loney story! (^^^He sure looks happy about it!)

Just to let you lovely Dodger fans know, expect Loney to be in blue for at least one more season unless there’s a trade in the works, or they feel Jerry Sands can take over there since I’m guessing we’ll see Juan Rivera be the everyday LF.

Loney had a very good second half and he says he’s found his stroke again but I thought that once too, and I am a big Loney apologist, constantly insisting he’ll get it right and pop 20 home-runs one season. However, he just doesn’t seem to have the bat speed, nor the opposite field power to hit a good number of home-runs and that’s something natural, not something you can really train for.

Oddly enough when Loney was hitting his best, he had a long swing, rather than the inside out, compact swing he usually employs.
I’m really looking forward to seeing if Loney can capitalize on the chance he’s being given this off-season, not so much because the Dodgers can’t afford to get a Fielder or a Puljols but because of the impending sell.

I believe a lot of fans feel the talent is there but it’s just not coming out and we really want to see him succeed.