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Could Edwin Jackson be Back In Dodger Blue?

With the Dodgerson a limited budget this off-season, only Kershaw, Billingsley, Lilly and Eovaldi slotted to be in the rotation, and little talk on whether or not we’ll see Kuroda back as a Dodgers, Ned Colletti may need to look outside the system to fill in the rotation and one guy could be Edwin Jackson.

Why Edwin? Well, he gives you the same production as Lilly and Bills (12-9 with a 3.79 ERA) and he comes cheaper than both, he only made $8 mil last season. He’s also been to two World Series in the last three years, helping to win one last season and he’s always seemed to do well against tough competition.

Unfortunately I doubt he comes back, unless he’s gotten over being traded, a lot of players don’t seem to go back to teams that once traded them unless they really liked that team or they themself requested the trade away from the team when it was bad but now it’s good. The only thing I could see keeping the Dodgers from signing Edwin other than Ediwin himself, is the fact that he’s a Scott Boras client and I find it no coincidence that there was not one Scott Boras client on the Dodgers last season.

I really don’t see him back but it could be interesting, the Cards won with an ace and three #3′s why can’t the Dodgers?