Top 5 All-Time Chicago White Sox Moments

By Tony Piraro

(Click to view Griffey Jr video)

#4 – Ken Griffey Jr double play and throw out of Michael Cuddyer at home plate during “The Blackout Game” in 2008

Game No. 163 of the Major League Baseball regular season saw the Minnesota Twins traveling to Chicago to play the White Sox for a one-game, winner-take-all, sudden death match-up between hated division foes. The White Sox fans dressed all in black, creating an unusual mystique for the game. The spooky crowd was out of control as the White Sox took the lead on a pivotal solo blast into the dark night by Jim Thome. Chicago erupted after the homer, but not as much as they would when Ken Griffey Jr made the defensive play of the season….With a runner on third base and one out in the fifth inning, it was a scoreless game between the Sox and Twins. A fly ball was lifted into shallow centerfield where Ken Griffey Jr stood underneath it. After making the catch, Griffey Jr threw a perfect strike to his catcher AJ Pierzynski who tagged out Michael Cuddyer at the plate for the double play and final out of the frame. The play ended up being critical to the outcome of the game, as the White Sox snuck past Minnesota, 1-0, to advance to the 2008 MLB Playoffs. The Thome home run and Danks pitching performance were important, but Griffey Jr’s defensive gem will live in the minds of most White Sox fans for years to come.

This moment had so much more relevance behind it because of who Ken Griffey Jr was as a baseball player. The man is a legend. He is clearly one of the greatest players of his generation, as well as, being considered one of the greatest of all-time. It was such a thrill for Sox fans to see Griffey Jr in the black pinstripes. When one of the greatest baseball player’s of all-time creates a moment in your favorite teams’ uniform, most people witnessing have a tough time forgetting it.

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